How to Ditch Goodreads, in 3 steps
Why even consider alternatives?

Goodreads is an arm of its parent company's marketing department.

If you're cool with that, no worries. You can stop reading this.
How do I move?

Emigrating from Goodreads to a new book service takes 3 steps:
Pick a new book service.
Get your books out of goodreads, and safely into the new place.
The hardest part. We try to help by focusing this site's reviews on import/export steps.
Tell your friends you switched.

Goodreads actually lets you send direct messages to friends!

This feature is just slighty difficult to find:

On each friend's page, you'll see a grey "More" menu with a "Message" entry.

Upon clicking it, you'll be asked for your password again.

Then you can send your friend a DM.

Repeat for your other friends.

It's not as easy as pushing a button. But really, what is?

Take inspiration from your tenacious ancestors back in the old hard times. Think of their shrewdness and grit.

We're just switching websites here. Not fighting for suffrage or battling corrupt sherrifs or anything.
Best of luck and happy switching!